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FPC Automatic Reinforcing Machine (Material-rolling mode) BQ-960

Date: 2023-11-29
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FPC Automatic Reinforcing Machine (Material-rolling mode) BQ-960

FPC Automatic Reinforcing Machine is an automatic reinforcing machine used to roll materials. It is mainly used to automatically mount roll-type reinforcing materials to FPC board materials through the automatic feeding system.

Technical features

1.  FPC board materials has high-precision visual matching function. It can be rapidly programmed through FPC drawings, making it applicable to various FPC reinforcing sheets of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses;

2.  CCD can be used to scan, navigate, position and correct mounting materials. At the same time, the software can automatically determine whether absorption materials are good or not and process them by itself;

3. The reinforcing materials are supplied by reinforcing materials. The machine can feed materials automatically. It can be operated for a long time without any intervention. Alarm will be given automatically if there is no material.

4. FPC uses automatic refueling system to change materials. After mounting operations are done, the system will automatically transfer FPC well mounted to the finished work station and take materials from the standby position. This way can reduce person operation. That is to say, one person an operate many machines at the same time.

5. The high-power vacuum adsorption platform can ensure FPC plates to be placed evenly. It also has the heating function, which can ensure that the reinforcing sheets are mounted firmly..

6. High-precision metal suction nozzles which can be heated to 250 degrees are used. It can meet requirements of steel sheets of different sizes and thicknesses;

7. All-Chinese operating system and smart software interface are used to ensure simple operations and easy understanding.

Equipment specifications

Product model


Production speed

1 piece/1 S

Mounting precision

±0.05 mm

Correcting precision

±0.3 Degrees

X/Y precision 

±0.01 mm

Mounting head 

Metal suction nozzle

Size of reinforcing pieces


Thickness of of reinforcing pieces


Scope of working table


Atmospheric pressure


Vacuum pressure


Transmission model

Linear motor+Servo motor +Ball screw

Location way

High-precision vision localization+Angle correction system

Power voltage

220 V, 50  Hz

Equipment power

2000 W (heating the working table and nozzle)

Machine size

980mm× 1100mm× 1730mm

Machine weight

550 Kg or so

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