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Full-automatic COB Smart Die Bonder DB-550/570/580

Date: 2023-11-29
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全自动COB智能固晶机 DB-550/570/580

Equipment features 

1. E-Sight double-camera full-alignment recognition and positioning system pioneered by the Eagle-eye and the double die bond platform can realize continuous-cycled and uninterrupted operations. The products can be arranged and mounted at will.

2. Double solid die bond mode, which can mount different kinds of IC at the same time. Up to 8 boxes can be mounted at the same time.

3. It has automatic angle correction function and its IC can be mounted at 360 degrees, which can ensure better die bond effect.

4. Customized smart die bond mode can simultaneously solidify multi-chip boards of various PCB boards and smartly identify bad products;

5. Dispensing is done before die bond, which can integrate dispensing and die bond into one. 

6. Under the compatible mechanical positioning mode with fixture positioning function, products with components on the back or products not suitable for aluminum disc operation can be mounted;

7. All-Chinese operation interface, fully computerized input parameters and control mode  are easy to operate and understand;

Equipment specifications

Product model


Die bond speed

3000-5000 pieces/hours

Die bond precision 


X/Y precision  


Dispensing speed


Rotating precision 

±1 degree

Mounting head 

Use imported rubber suction nozzles

IC mounting scope


Vacuum standard


Mounting scope


Recognition method

Full-visual automatic alignment of IC/PCB board

Programming method

Smart software programming

Operating system

Windows2000/XP all-Chinese operating system

Power supply


Equipment power


Machine dimensions


Machine weight

About 450Kg

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