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Automatic Dispensing Machine RT-L850

Date: 2024-05-24
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全自动点胶机 RT-L850

Automatic dispensing machine is dedicated for magazine-type feeding. It is a high-precising dispensing machine featured by automatic feeding, dispensing, UV light solidification and automatic unloading. At the same time, the machine can meet dust-free requirements. 

Technical features

1. Automatic loading and unloading with the aid of magazine-type feed bin

2. Online orbit-transported materials.

3. Contact-type and injection-type dispensing can be freely matched.

4. The high-precision visual positioning system can meet high-precising dispensing requirements.

5. The dust-free design, the high-precision dust-free anti-static transmission module and FFU anti-dust and anti-static device can ensure that all products can be encapsulated under dust-free and static-free state, which can ensure product quality.

6.  It can automatically recognize defective products and can perform selective operations on the working platform.

7.  all-Chinese operating system and smart software interface are used. They can be operated simply and it is easy to understand their operations.

Equipment specifications

Equipment model


Equipment size

1450 mm× 800 mm×1600mm

Dispensing precision


Transmission model

Servo motor +Ball screw

Dispensing method

Contact-type or injection-type

Location way

High-precision vision localization

Visual positioning precision


XY positioning precision


Equipment voltage

220V  50HZ

Equipment power


Equipment weight


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