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Multi-station Automatic Dispensing AOI Machine RT-L5

Date: 2024-06-13
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多工位全自动点胶 AOI一体机 RT-L5

RT-L5 is a multifunctional dispensing machine for multi-station dispensing+glue point AOI detection. It can achieve either positive or negative dispensing, tilt dispensing, curing or line detection. It is applicable to Conformal Coating & Strain relief dispensing process.

Technical features

1. It can achieve dispensing, curing, AOI detection, sorting out of defective products and smart production.

2. Support Tray Auto LD and CV material inputting, Tray Auto LD/ULD and CV material outputting.

3. The amount and location of glue can be compensated according to the quality of the upper process so as to realize smart dispensing.

4. Automatic cleaning and automatic calibration of needle mouths.

5. It can achieve either positive or negative dispensing operation, 90 degree vertical dispensing, tilt angle dispensing, fixed or broken FPC dispensing.

6. Barcode Scan of the product can be done and data can be automatically upload to the MES system.

Product specifications

Equipment model


Equipment size

4200 (L)× 2200 (W)×1900(H)mm

Dispensing precision


Transmission model

Servo motor +Ball screw+Linear motor

Location way

High-precision vision localization

Visual positioning precision


XY positioning precision


Screen size

2—7.9 inches

Cycle  Time

5 s

Equipment voltage

380V  50HZ

Equipment power


Equipment weight


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