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Desktop smart Dispensing Platform RT-Z300/3Z300H

Date: 2024-06-12
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桌面式智能点胶平台 RT-Z300/3Z300H

Desktop smart dispensing platform has small size and light weight and it can be easily installed.It can be used for dispensing operation with high precision, high speed and high repeatability. It is widely used in high precising dispensing of automotive electronics, medical equipment, smart wear, mobile parts and tablet computers, LED encapsulation and other industries.

Technical features

1. Features easy operation and fastness.   

2. Develop software system independently with quick programming speed and convenient application.      

3. Dispensing program documents can be uploaded and downloaded by U disk, which can facilitate data management and storage.

4. With vision localization and PCB locating point compensation can ensure precising dispensing positions.    

5. Support CAD file import and track preview functions.

6.  Advanced accessories made of Nano wear-resistant materials and its life is more than 20 times of that of ordinary materials.

7.  Optional laser altimeter, bottom heating system, Z-axis rotation mechanism, low level alarm.

Equipment specifications

Machine Model




Dispensing parameters

Working zone

310 x 310 x 100mm

410 x 410 x 100mm

510 x 510 x 100mm

Appearance size

530 x 590 x 580mm

730 x 600 x 580mm

830 x 780 x 580mm

Control way

Motion control based on IPC 

Positioning precision


Repeated precision


Maximum speed (MM/S)

X-axis: 600mm/s  Y-axis: 600mm/s   Z-axis: 300mm/s

Accelerated speed


Loading condition

Y-axis: 20KG   Z-axis: 8KG

Vision localization system

Industrial 120W CCD camera

Optional module

Laser altimeter, low liquid level alarm, Z-axis braking module, UV light source solidification

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