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AOI for Resin Plug Hole (The RapierII-S750)

Date: 2018-11-18
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树脂塞孔专用AOI The RapierII-S750

Equipment features 

1. 3D vision technology can detect plug hole depth.

2. Patented LED light source with long life and low power consumption.

3. Be compatible with Gerber, ODB++ and other formats.

4. Software can be customized and connected with the ERP system.

Equipment  specifications

Inspection capabilities

Testing capability

Hollow/air bubble in a hole   Visible gray difference pixel >=1 pixel

Holes/unfilled      Visible gray difference pixel >=1 pixel

Omissive packing sites have been completely checked out

Missing holes have been completely checked out

Scope of plug hole diameter 

 Diameter 0.15-0.6mm

Check the thickness of board

0.01 ~8mm 

Scanning efficiency (18"×24")


Inspection area

Maximum size of the working table (X*Y)

27"X29" (690X740mm)

Test mode

Standard data contrast/brightness gray contrast analysis

Location way

Automatic positioning by plate edge without drilling

Table-board drive mode

Driven by precising lead screw and servo motor

Inspection scope 

Form of board/working procedure segment

Plug Hole or HD/BGA encapsulation board of the inner layer   

After the grinding and leveling processes are done

Copper surface material

Electrolytic LP copper foil, VLP copper foil and so on

Defect inspection

Omissive packing, hole, edge notch, hollow, incomplete grinding of hole edges

Approval of defects

Repair station or online approval

Software system

Operation interface

WIN7 64Bit  Support Chinese and English

Processing software

E-Sight AOI 3200 software

CAM data format

RS-274X GERBER, ODB++ format

Working environment





Light source

Type of light source

Patent technology, AOI special LED light source, high bright life service

Light source service life

Over 10000 hours

Light source power


Energy consumption

Air source


Power supply

AC 380V±5% 50Hz 3.7KWh Three-phase five little system

Energy consumption of the whole machine




L×W×H  2050mm×1400mm×1770mm


About 1500kg

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