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One-key Measuring Instrument for Precision Images

Date: 2024-05-24
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This general equipment can provide non-contact measurement and eliminate errors caused by human factors. All persons can measure them simply, quickly and accurately.

Press it and you can measure all sizes in an instant. The new precising image size measuring instrument EJ-220 launched by Eagle Eye Technology is a product developed based on new concepts without moving XY coordinate stations. It subverts traditional concepts. With EJ-220, anyone can make accurate measurement in a simple and quick way and there is no difference or deviation caused by human factors. With rich measurement menu, the size that cannot be measured before can also be measured simply and accurately. Besides, there is no need to use redundant positioning fixture.

Equipment features Features of equipment

1. All sizes within the measurement range can be measured at one time;

2.  Rich measurement menu, many detection items and wide application range;

3. The operations are simple. With one press, all sizes can be measured.

4. No more positioning fixture is needed. The size that can not be detected in the past can also be measured;

5. Users can set the type of NG and NG detection precision by themselves.

6. It can automatically save NG product images, the number of qualified products, the number of unqualified products and the rate of good products;

7. Full computer input are used, which can ensure easy and straightforward operations.

Equipment specifications



Imaging sensor

Type Ⅰ 5 mega-pixel CMOS


12 inches touch-sensitive display (XGA: 1280.1024)

Photic lens

Bi-telecentric lens

Visual field

Wide-field measurement mode  ø25mm ø100mm/high-precision measuring mode  ø25mm/ displaying unit 0.1μm

Repeated precision

Wide-field measuring mode ±1μm  ±1μm/ high-precision measuring mode ±0.5μm

Measurement precision

Wide-field measuring mode  ±5μm  ±5μm/ high-precision measuring mode  ±2μm


LAN RJ-45/ USB2.0 Series A group 6 (2 front groups/ 4 back groups)  


HDD  500GB

Environmental resistance

Environment temperature: 10 to 36 ℃/environment humidity 20 and 80% RH (no condensation)

Lighting system

Telecentric penetration illumination (green or blue LED)/falling 4 split ring illumination (white LED)

Z coordinate platform

Range of movement: 30mm/load tolerance: 3kg

Power supply

Power supply voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz/consumption current 380W

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