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Multi-function Keyboard Detector

Date: 2024-07-19
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This is a kind of off-line universal equipment with super large detection range and fast detection speed. It can automatically give clues of error positions and reasons for defects. Automatic alarm of defective products. It is suitable for surface detection of large objects, such as desktop keyboard, laptop keyboard, cash register keyboard, ATM keyboard and so on.

Equipment features 

1. E-Sight identification and sorting system developed by Eagle-eye is used to realize smart detection. 
2. It can be used to check the quality of printed characters and pattern surfaces.
3. The quantity and size of inspection areas can be set arbitrarily in the inspection scope.
4. Users can set the type of NG and NG detection precision by themselves.
5. It can automatically save NG product images, the number of qualified products, the quantity of unqualified products and the rate of good products.
6. Check workpiece size range: 400 x 400mm (adjustable).
7. Chinese operation interface is used, which can ensure convenient operations and friendly interface.
8. 99% of products are inspected and 99% of products inspected are good products.

Equipment specifications

Items that can be sorted

(Remove defective products) Character error, character defect, surface scratch, surface stain, character size, character position, gray scale difference in test area

Software system

The self-developed E-Sight identification sorting system is configured based on the Windows system

Hardware environment

Use industrial control computer

Image recognition system

256 gray scale,1280X1024 pixel resolution

Image recognition precision


Image recognition area (length X width)


Equipment operating voltage


Consumed power


Structural material

Computer precising sheet metal+Powder coat paint

equipment volume (length x width x height)


Equipment weight (KG)


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