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Automatic COB Smart Glue Sealer COB-501/301/101

Date: 2024-05-24
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全自动COB智能封胶机 COB-501/301/101

Equipment features  

1. Eagle-eye E-Sight multi-camera positioning system is used to realize 360 degree smart identification and positioning. Aluminum disc is used to directly place plate sealing adhesive. The products can be placed arbitrarily.

2. It can automatically identify bad PCB boards or PCB boards that do not need to be sealed with glue. It can selectively seal products in aluminum plates to reduce defective rate and save production cost.

3. The self-defined gluing track can meet requirements of different shapes. The length, position, speed, height and the gluing state of each movement track of X-Y-Z axles can be programmed arbitrarily.

4. Optional high-precision laser height detection and distance measurement sensor can accurately detect changes of product height and eliminate the influence of different product heights on sealant.

5. The glue-sensing system can detect the change of the glue quantity in real time. When the glue material is supplied, it will automatically give alarms to ensure that the glue barrel has enough glue materials.

6. COB-501 is suitable for products with uneven or unstable components at the bottom as well as products with high requirements on productivity, such as U disk, on-board MP3, charger, watch, game board and other electronic products. The dual-camera mode is used and the working table does not move.

7. COB-301 is suitable for large PCB boards or PCB boards arranged with large aluminum plates as well as PCB products that need to be tested, such as remote control, calculator, telephone, game machine and so on.

8.COB-101s is applicable to precising dispensing operations and products with strict appearance and thickness requirements, such as display module, wireless mouse, watch, USB disk and other electronic products with high requirements on appearance and shape.

Equipment specifications

Product model


Dispensing speed


Dispensing precision


X/Y precision


Positioning speed

<1 s/<1 s /<1 s

Transmission model

Servo motor +Ball screw/Servo motor +Ball screw/Servo motor +Ball screw

Dispensing head

Precising needle-hitting dispensing value (with heating function)

Dispensing scope


Dispensing air pressure

0.3-0.6Mpa/0.3-0.6Mpa /0.3-0.6Mpa

Recognition method

PCB board full visual automatic alignment /PCB board full visual automatic alignment /PCB board full visual automatic alignment

Operating system

All Chinese operating system

Software system

E-sight multi-camera full-point identification positioning system

Power supply


Equipment power


Machine dimensions


Machine weight

About 580Kg/About 380Kg/About 560Kg

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