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FPC Smart Mounting Machine for Reinforcing Sheet (Bulk Mode) BQ-910

Date: 2024-06-12
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FPC Smart Mounting Machine for Reinforcing Sheet (Bulk Mode) BQ-910

FPC Smart Mounting Machine for Reinforcing Sheet is a kind of smart reinforcing device specially for mounting bulk materials. It is mainly used to guide bulk reinforcing materials and automatically mount them to FPC boards through the smart smart vision localization system

Technical features

1.  The position of reinforcing plates can be automatically identified through all-region vision positioning system. FPC reinforcing plates can be dispersed on special material plates and placed arbitrarily.

2. The high-precision vision localization system is used to position FPC boards;

3. The high-power vacuum adsorption platform can ensure FPC plates to be placed evenly. It also has the heating function, which can ensure that the reinforcing sheets are mounted firmly.

4. High-precision metal suction nozzles, which can be heated to 250 degrees and meet steel sheets of different sizes and thicknesses, are used.

5.  The smart visual correction system is used to pick up and place the products. The visual correction system can be used to adjust product angles;

6. It can automatically recognize defective products, and can perform selective operations to products placed on the working table. At the same time, the system can automatically judge whether the quality of absorbents is good or not and process them automatically, which greatly saves production costs.

7. All-Chinese operating system, smart software interface are used to ensure simple operations and easy understanding.

Equipment specifications

Product Model


Production Speed

1 Piece/1.2S

Placement precision

±0.05 mm

Correction precision

±0.5 degrees

X/Y precision 

±0.01 mm

Placement head

Metal suction nozzle

Size of reinforcing piece


Thickness of reinforcing piece


Scope of the working table


Scope of sheet steel box


Atmospheric pressure


Vacuum pressure


Transmission model

Servo motor +Ball screw

Location way

Whole region identification localization+high-precision vision localization+ Angle correction system

Power voltage

220 V, 50 Hz

Equipment power

2000 W (heating the working table and nozzle)

Machine size

980mm× 1100mm× 1730mm

Machine weight

About 550 Kg

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