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Dual visual off-line intelligent dispensing machine

Date: 2024-06-12
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Dual visual off-line intelligent dispensing machine has all-region vision positioning system and high-precision vision positioning system and it can realize dispensing operations of high precision, high speed and high repeatability. It can be used for bottom filling, cavity filling, part coating, bonding protection, etc. It is widely used in semiconductor packaging encapsulation, mobile phone screen module, CCM (Compact camera module), VCM (voice coil motor), fingerprint module, optical lens and the precision dispensing occasion of other small precision parts in their assembly process.

 Technical features

1. The all-region vision positioning system and high-precision visual positioning system are used to realize intelligent identification positioning of 360 degrees. It can be placed arbitrarily without the help of fixture products.

2.  It can automatically identify defective products and automatically screen and dispense products.

3.  It can visually customize the running track or point-to-point position, and optionally program the length, position, speed, height, and working state of XYZ motion track paths.

4. More than 100 different products can be identified and dispensed within the same dispensing program.

5. Fool-style operating system relies less on people.

6. Programming time is 30-50% faster than operating system of the same industry.

Equipment specification

Standard Configuration


Equipment name

Dual visual off-line intelligent dispensing machine

Nozzle automatic cleaning device

Laser Altimeter System

Equipment model


non-contact dispensing valve

Bottom heating module

Equipment size

780 mm×870 mm×1650mm

XY glue point dressing plate

Double platform

Dispensing area


30CC feed device

Low liquid level detection and alarm

Positioning accuracy


Rubber valve heating device

AOI detection module

Repeated accuracy


Sound-light alarming device

Dual dispensing valve

Maximum speed

1000mm/s (X, Y)

Rotation and tilt

Maximum acceleration

1g (X, Y)

Stripe code & QR code identification

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