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Online Jetting Dispensing System RT-V350

Date: 2024-06-13
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在线式喷射点胶系统 RT-V350

Online jetting dispensing system is a kind of high-precision intelligent dispensing equipment developed by Eagle-Eye Technology for its applications in electronic, medical, optical and other fields. With Eagle-Eye Generation II high-precision jetting dispensing valves and high-precision pressure controller as well as all-region vision positioning system and high-precision vision positioning system, this equipment can realize dispensing operations of high precision, high speed and high repeatability. This equipment is applicable for under-filling, cavity filling, wafer pasting, coating protection of parts, joint sealing, SMT red dispensing, under-filling, FPC component packaging, LED packaging, microelectronic packaging and other high-precision dispensing occasions.

Technical features

1. With the aid of  CCD all-region vision positioning system and CCD high-precision vision localization system, high-precision dispensing can still be achieved without precision fixture.

2. More than 100 different products can be identified and dispensed within the same dispensing program.

3. Non-contact injection valve or piezoelectric valve can achieve a smaller dispensing diameter, improve the dispensing consistency and enhance the productivity and product quality.

4.  Automatic pressure stabilizer system can ensure stable air pressure and consistency of dispensing quantity.

5.  Valve body automatic constant temperature system ensures the same flow of fluid.

6. Fool-style operating system relies less on people.

7.  Programming time is 30-50% faster than operating system of the same industry.

Equipment specification

Standard Configuration


Equipment name

Online jetting dispensing system

Nozzle automatic cleaning device

Weighing system

Equipment model


Non-contact dispensing valve

Laser   Altimeter System

Equipment size


XY glue point dressing plate

Track heating  module

Dispensing area


30CC feeding device

Two orbits

Maximum speed

1000mm/s (XY)

Rubber valve heating device

Low liquid level detection and alarm

Maximum acceleration

1g  (XY)

Sound-light alarming device.

AOI  detection module

Positioning accuracy


Single track

Automatic feeding  and unfeeding

Repeated accuracy


Dual dispensing valve

Rotation or tilt

Stripe    code & QR    code identification

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