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Precising Axial Automatic Detection and Sorting Machine

Date: 2024-05-24
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This is a kind of professional equipment for long optical axis automatic detection and separation. It can realize on-line automatic detection, separation, classification and collection. It covers a wide range of testing projects and it is featured by fast detection speed. 99% of products can be inspected and 99% of detection results are right.

Equipment features Features of equipment

1. E-Sight identification and sorting system developed by Eagle-eye is used to realize smart detection.

2. Sorting items: overall length, steps, internal diameter, external size, diameter diameter, defects, burrs, tapping and other full-size customized measurements;

3. Users can set the type of NG and NG detection projects by themselves.

4. It can automatically save NG product images, the number of qualified products, the number of unqualified products and the rate of good products;

5. Chinese operation interface can facilitate operations.

6. 99% of products are inspected and 99% of products inspected are good products.

7. It can realize automatic classification and elimination of defective products.

Equipment specifications



Separation speed

1-8PCS/sec (depending on situation of the actual product)

Separation precision


Diameter of sorting axial

Φ1.5-Φ10 (Non-standard; customizable)

Length of sorting axial

1-80mm (Non-standard; customizable)

Working pressure of the equipment


Power supply

220V, 50HZ



Equipment volume (length x width x height)


Equipment weight(KG)


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