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Automatic Detection Sorting Machine of Precise Plug Shaft

Date: 2024-05-24
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Special detection and sorting equipment for plug shafts can detect, sort and collect products with fast detection speed and high precision. 99% of products can be detected. It is suitable for various power supply plugs of electrical appliances, such as apple charger plug shafts, power supply line plug shafts, socket plug shafts as well as standard plug shafts of various shapes from many countries.

Equipment features Features of equipment

1. E-Sight identification and sorting system developed by Eagle-eye is used to realize smart detection.

2. It is applicable to test appearance and size of precising axis: overall length, sectional length, diameter, chamfer angle, round angle, knurling, clip diameter and width and having head materials or not.

3. Users can set the type of NG and NG detection projects by themselves.

4. It can automatically save NG product images, the number of qualified products, the number of unqualified products and the rate of good products.

5. Chinese operating system and smart software interface are easy to understand and they can ensure simple operations.

6. 99% of products are inspected and 99% of products inspected are good products.

7. It can realize automatic classification and elimination of defective products.

Equipment specifications

Separation precision


Separation speed(MAX)

120PCS/min (depending on the actual product)

Diameter of sorting axle types (mm)

Φ8-φ16 (Non-standard; customizable)

Length of the sorting axis types (mm)

5-40mm (Non-standard; customizable)

Items that can be sorted

Total length, section length, diameter, rounding chamfer, round angle, embossing, diameter and width and customized measurement.

Hardware environment

Use industrial control computer; configure motion control card, PLC

Image recognition system

256 gray scale,1280X1024 pixel resolution

Image recognition precision


Image recognition area (length X width)


Specification of vibrating plate (top tray diameter)


Working pressure of equipment


Working voltage of equipment


Consumed power


Structural material

Computer precision plate work+Powder coat paint

Equipment volume (length x width x height)


Equipment weight(KG)


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